jaguar mary – Primary Creatrix at Sacred Circularities

From the moment I met Jaguar Mary, I felt a surge of inspiration… She was in Santa Cruz presenting a workshop in 2011, and mentioned Sacred Circularities in Bali.  I had never been to Asia before, and didn’t know much about Indonesia — but resonated with her warm energy and vision for a hoop dance retreat.  Soon, I was on a plane to photograph movement and immerse myself in a new culture.

I am blessed to be the photographer for two years at Sacred Circularities, and to have grown closer with Jaguar Mary.  Her dream has blossomed into a 3 week gathering with 45+ participants each week from all over the world.  I enjoyed Jaguar Mary’s transformational early morning classes, such as Meditation for Friends, High Vibe Morning Jam, Sound Healing– and of course the powerful circles she led at three temples.

Our photo session took place in the early morning, as we greeted the sun through ceremony and movement. I am very excited to share these images…..  Thank you Jaguar Mary for all that you are! Infinite Love.

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  1. What beautiful moments captured and created!- I can feel the joy and reverence for life flow through Jaguar Mary and through your talent Cadence- thank you both for sharing your self’s with us and the world! Blessings!

  2. Beautiful images, Cadence! Lovely to meet you at our home in Ubud for the shoot for Kelsey Faery. Look forward to our shooting adventure next April! – Gaelyn Miriam Larrick.

  3. I met her gentle energy at HCon my 1st yr.
    in my cabin. Thes pictures totally shine her sweet light <3.

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