ami & jayne – maui pregnancy photography

meet Ami & Jayne. We adventured in Kula for their maternity photographs, where the air is crisp and it’s easy to forget we’re on a tropical island.  The fog rolled through the forest as the sun set, illuminating these two and their love… Thank you for being such an inspiration, your baby boy  is certainly blessed to have you two as his mama and papa. xo



7 responses to “ami & jayne – maui pregnancy photography

  1. Wow, these are breathtaking, what beautiful work and what magnificent subjects, true inspiration for life, love and creation…… I’m so thrilled for all three of you :-)

  2. Wow my heart has been lifted and broken open. These moments in time couldn’t be any more beautiful

  3. i don’t know who you are, and it doesn’t matter… thanks for your sharing your beautiful love xxx

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