mackenzie + yoshi >> burning man

I’m inspired by the gorgeous & wise MacKenzie —
a performer, designer, and independent consultant.
we rode our bikes into deep playa. chasing the sunrise.
danced, played, talked, hooped – wildly excited about life.
just as the desert heated up and we were about to part ways,
MacKenzie’s husband Yoshi had found us amongst 68,000 people.
I was soooo excited to photograph these two love birds together.
until our next adventure…. mahalo MacKenzie!


4 responses to “mackenzie + yoshi >> burning man

  1. Seeing these gorgeous pics of breathtakingly lovely Mac, Mr. Hottie McYoshi, and my old playa home makes my heart ache and soar simultaneously. Love and miss you guys something fierce. Sending tropical hugs from Kailua. OOO

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