Luana Coonen Jewelry // bringing nature closer

“Luana Coonen’s designs depict her obsession with the details of mundane natural objects, framed by precious metals that allude to the idea of a paradisaical garden within urban environments. From the center of each design floats a form-a blade of grass, an insect’s wing, a delicate branch of lichen-that plays with pattern and perspective suggesting the isolation from nature in modern life while amplifying its fantastical architecture. The effect is at once intriguing, playful and ultimately wearable.”


I enjoyed photographing Luana in action in her jungle studio.  Did I mention it’s the most beautiful studio ever??  We listened to Local Natives as we explored her themes and process while creating.  You must check out Luana’s website and etsy page. I’m pretty obsessed with her unique jewelry, and blessed that I could enter Luana’s world for a day.




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