one hoop one love // in-depth hoop dance retreat

when I share with people that I photograph hoop dance retreats around the world, many look perplexed. yes, it’s a thang. a big thang.  most recently, I photographed for the second year at In-Depth Hoop Dance Retreat
on the Big Island.  Hoopers travel from around the world to spend a week in paradise. The plastic circle brings everyone together as a common theme, but it always evolves into so much more. In-Depth is an advanced intensive, so there are heaps of next-level trick concepts — but we also get down with a performance showcase, fire hooping overlooking the ocean, poi classes, yoga, snorkeling in flourishing tide pools, sauna/hot tub sessions under a blanket of stars, sunrise meditations, and bomb cuisine (and coffee….).  enjoy photographs from the retreat and a few of my private sessions with some seriously gorgeous ladies. mahalo to each and every one of you who I had the honor of photographing and laughing with… until next time, aloha!




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  1. Cadence, you create some downright captivating moments on camera… But best of all, you’re just a joy to be near <3

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