behind the lens | meet cadence

who am I?
 my name is Cadence, and I’m an artist, dancer, dreamer, and adventurer. I started this website and blog when I was 17 years old, as a creative way to share my images with the world.

photo by Eraj Asadi

how I spend my time…

nature. whether it’s a beach walk with my dog or a waterfall mission — taking a break from computer land to reconnect with the natural rhythms is crucial. appreciating and giving gratitude to every rainbow, every moment of salt water therapy, and every ray of sun on my skin.


traveling. it has allowed me to make incredible connections and shaped so much of my life. I visited many amazing places in 2014 with my camera:

Big Island
Bali, Indonesia
New York
San Francisco
Black Rock City


hoop dance. I love this form of movement! for those of you who don’t know — there’s a global community who loves to get down with the plastic circle. hooping is a meditation. a dance. a tool for transformation. an exercise. a performance art. it’s whatever you want it to be! you can often find me on the beach with my hoop, or photographing hula hoopers around the world.

music. I was lucky to be jammin’ out in my mom’s belly at rock and roll shows before I was born. being raised by parents who appreciate music (they named me Cadence after all!) was the biggest blessing. it is a huge part of my life and I love it all — but recently I’ve been digging the creative artists behind soulection

zoey. my rescue pup! she’s a mystery breed and it’s the bomb. 4 pups were found in a box on the neighboring island of molokai by a UPS driver. the woman was kind enough to pick them up and get them on the boat to Maui. hawaii animal rescue foundation then put them up for adoption and the rest is history. she’s my fav.

taking photos of humans. self-explanatory by all of my photographs. I love to celebrate life by capturing the magic to be treasured forever. photographing families, pregnant mamas, and couples, is deeply satisfying and brings me (and my clients!) so much joy. I also photograph artists, dancers, hoopers, and yogis.

maui family photography
laughing. so good for the soul!



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    • thanks Amanda! costa rica is on my list. many of my friends participate in envision festival, and I’d love to use that as my starting place for travels!

  1. You have been inspiring me since we met at Chadbourne all those years ago! Such an honor to have you as one of my dearest friends! Keep spreading your unconditional love for beauty and life!

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