gorgeous island jewels // love me jewelry hi

love me jewelry is made on maui by natasha boone. I’m excited to share my favorites from our shoot that took place in┬ábeautiful haiku, hawaii.

love me jewelry
models // mahaina pua gardener, joy shivers, thayra guedes, mckenna lickle
hair & make up // dusty james bolyard
styling // richard blayne walsh

lovemejewelery-summer2014-1-10lovemejewelery-summer2014-1-7lovemejewelery-summer2014-9864 lovemejewelery-summer2014-9687lovemejewelery-summer2014-1-19 lovemejewelery-summer2014-9715 lovemejewelery-summer2014-9876lovemejewelryhi-maui lovemejewelery-summer2014-0045 lovemejewelery-summer2014-0113 lovemejewelery-summer2014-0130lovemejewelery-summer2014-0193 lovemejewelery-summer2014-0150lovemejewelery-summer2014-0318 copy lovemejewelery-summer2014-0203 lovemejewelery-summer2014-1-2lovemejewelery-summer2014-9828



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  1. Holy smokes, Cadence! You are amazing. These girls are beautiful and the settings are lovely but they way you captured it all made magic! The light, the mood and emotions… WOW

  2. Love, love, love the one from through the window but so many great shots in here. I recently started following them on Instagram because of one of your posts. Love the creativity all around.

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