tropical moms | sara & henry

a series on Maui motherhood

name: Sara Tekula

kids, age: Henry Koa, Age 2

where do you live on Maui: Makawao/Olinda

occupation: College Instructor, Writer, Producer, Marketing/Web Consultant, Nonprofit Director

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what are you passionate about?: There is nothing I am more passionate about than my little dude. In addition to motherhood and parenting, I am also in love with psychology – studying people and animals and how we behave and learn things, storytelling (in many forms), native habitat restoration and other environmental issues, and just about any kind of social justice issue. I try to weave those individual threads together whenever I can. They’re often so inter-related.

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why did you choose to raise your children on Maui?: Henry was conceived and born here, and is a true kamaʻaina (child of the land). While it’s especially hard to be away from Henry’s grandparents, great-grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins on the mainland, it is also hard to deny the fact that Maui is an absolutely wonderful, richly verdant and culturally beautiful place for a child to grow up. He is so loved here on Maui, by the people, the land, the animals, the ocean.

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what is the best part about being a mom?: Everything about it is truly incredible. I love how it has made me a better person, more nurturing, more aware of my surroundings and of the things that are truly important. My priorities in life are now crystal clear. I love that I am more in love with my husband (Joe) than ever, because I get to witness what a loving, engaged father he is. I love seeing the world through Henry’s eyes and remembering that everything is such a miracle, how wonderful the world is. I love how my heart explodes every time he discovers something new. I love that I finally love someone more than I love myself, and how humbling and grounding that is.

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what’s your favorite thing to do as a family?: We love to jam out and play music and dance around together at the house, we love family days at the beach, and we love to take walks around the beautiful property we are lucky to call home, and to play in the grass together and check out the flora and fauna…and of course, catch a good upcountry Maui sunset.

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  1. I love your creations, Cadence. You’re great at marketing your talent! I applaud you, and I love your aesthetic on this website. Keep it up! I love sharing your photos, too.

    • thank you Adelle! your encouragement always brightens my day. seriously. lots of love — hope to see you soon!

  2. Beautiful! Henry is a pure hawaiian babe and Sara is an amazing mother and soul. Your pictures captured the beauty of motherhood and Maui wonderfully!

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