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a series on Maui motherhood

name: Genie Hokulani Calagna (37 years old)

kids: Zeya Jacob Calagna Owen (19 months)

where do you live on Maui?i: Haiku Maui Hawaii

occupation: Art/Theatre teacher and Concierge

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what are you most passionate about?: I am most passionate about effecting the lives of children in a positive way though the arts. This of course applies 10 fold to my son and since becoming a mom, all of that creative energy is focused on him. I know that every moment I am given an opportunity to make a difference for the better in a child’s is a moment well lived. The fact that I am able to play, encourage, share mutual inspiration with Zeya is a dream come true. I feel honored and so passionate about being that person that gets to provide him with the foundation to have a positive, imaginative, confident – glass is half full kind of life!

raising your children on maui living on maui - tropical moms

why did you choose to raise Zeya on Maui?: I Choose to raise Zeya here because it is pure magic. I was blessed to be born and raised in the Hawaiian islands and I have never taken it for granted.

I grew up swimming year round in the ocean, eating avocados freshly fallen from the tree with my bare hands , swinging on vines wrapped around mango trees and feeling FREE yet connected to the earth in the most important ways. That childhood has carried me though in knowing always what is right and true deep in by being. Not being afraid to follow my intuitions and trusting the magic of the life. The aloha spirit is also such a crucial part of existence here, living in gratitude and not being afraid to share love and kindness with those around you.

I want that for my boy, I want him to have his bare feet touching the ground and his imagination to soar through the ocean and sky. I believe that having that connection to the earth and to the idea of endless possibilities that nature teaches, that anywhere Zeya travels in his life he will have a sense of connection and understanding to what life is really all about. I hope that being rooted in Hawaii and the spirit of Aloha, he has strength and clarity through all his struggles with a sense of self that keeps him true.

raising your children on maui raising your children on maui living on maui - tropical momsliving on maui - tropical moms living on maui - tropical moms

what is the best part about being a momma?: The best part about being a momma are the moments of deep recognition we share. The communication without words. Looking into his eyes and just knowing. It’s kind of incredible.

Also the laughter, the unabashed belly laughter that flows so freely when we play. They say the love you feel for your child is indescribable and surpassed by no other. “They ” are right. Having Zeya has been the ultimate LOVE explosion!
raising your family on maui - tropical moms

what’s your favorite thing to do as a family?: Any chance we get to spend as a family is our favorite. We love being at the beach watching Zeya get exhilarated by seeing big waves. Walking through Makawao forest reserve, breathing in the fresh air and looking up towards the sky at the tree tops in wonder. Or just taking long walks around the property, appreciating what’s right in our back yard.

When we are together as a family, Danny ( my husband ) and I can feel how happy Zeya feels Knowing he has his two most important people near and sharing time. His happiness, multiplies our happiness to be with him and each other. That’s the good stuff. Real life, real love ~ wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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