tropical moms | pia & liam

a series on Maui motherhood

name: Pia Amber Richardson (33 years)

kid, age: Liam Na Hoku Richardson (13 months)

where do you live on Maui?: Haiku

Mama, Yogini & Teacher, Fitness Coach & Healthy Living Advocate

what are you passionate about?: My longtime love and passion for yoga has been a constant still point, from which I draw my inspiration and grounding, as I continuously evolve and grow. My practice has taught me so much about myself, and I feel so blessed to pay it forward; it is such a gift to get to guide my students through their own practice. As a fitness coach, I am also passionate about health and wellness as it pertains to our physical and subtle bodies. I am a strong believer in getting in the best physical shape of our lives (through the external forms of exercise, as well as the internal nourishment), so that we can feel strong and healthy in our mental state. Lastly, my newest passion is for pregnancy, birth & postpartum wellness. I was very fortunate to learn about the Sacred Pregnancy movement, and it shaped my own pregnancy and birth journey. I get so excited about sharing everything I have learned, and could talk about pregnancy, birth & postpartum for hours! There is something so infinitely precious about this women’s rite of passage, and I feel so incredibly grateful to experience it in such a profound way.

pia-tropical-moms-maui-mom-4432pia-tropical-moms-maui-mom-4491Maui mom Pia with son Liam. pia-tropical-moms-maui-mom-3814
why did you choose to raise your children on Maui?:
Maui is one of those special, raw places where magic happens every single day. We are blessed to live in the land of some of the brightest rainbows, pristine waterfalls, lush jungles, vibrant green rolling hills, and calming forests. There is so much to learn from nature alone. I also feel privileged to get to raise my child amongst such a culture richly steeped in tradition and history. I was lucky to be raised in Canada, attend a bilingual school, and learn about our history and culture. So, I am thrilled that my son will get to be immersed in Hawaiian culture and tradition, learning the value of caring for our land and giving back to Mother Earth.

what is the best part about being a momma?: The most amazing experience is those quiet moments when it really dawns on me that this little being chose me as his mama. To wake up every morning to his unabashed huge smile, to see him look up at me with so much unconditional love in his beautiful bright eyes, to feeling my heart explode more and more each day for this little being I get to call my son — these are all the best parts about being a mama.

what’s your favorite thing to do as a family?: Our favorite thing to do as a family is whatever brings Liam the most joy! Currently that is running free in fields of green grass and splashing hysterically in the ocean, playing, laughing, and watching Liam squeal with excitement. Children are masters of living in the moment, something I strive to practice, and observing my son contentedly sitting outside and playing with a leaf, is a wonderful reminder that we all have this inner joy and gentle peace.


pia-tropical-moms-maui-mom-4453 Maui mom Pia with son Liam. pia-tropical-moms-maui-mom-3862 photograph of Maui mom Pia and her son Liam, interviewed on tropical moms.



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