tropical moms | annika & storm

tropical moms, a series on Maui motherhood

name: Annika Banko
kid, age: Storm Nikolai, 4
where do you live: Wailuku, Maui
occupation: Abstract Painter

annika banko, Maui artist, and her son

what are you passionate about: I’m passionate about living a healthy happy and creative lifestyle together with Storm. I believe that good diet and nutrition create happy healthy bodies and creativity and expression create happy healthy minds.

why did you choose to raise your child on Maui: Maui is a wonderful place to live an alternative lifestyle. removed from the bustle and challenges of an urban life, I find it to be a nurturing environment to stay connected to nature and source and live a life of balance and harmony.

annika banko artannika-banko-tropical-moms-4515annika banko, artist and mother annika banko, artist and mother annika banko, artist and mother annika-banko-tropical-moms-4515annika-banko-tropical-moms-4522

what is the best part about being a momma: theres no way to describe in short what it is that makes motherhood so amazing. I’d say every part of it from pregnancy to the present has been like being tapped into a universal power. I’m enjoying every moment of Storm’s emerging into the world as his own beautiful being. By far the most honorable gift.

what’s your favorite thing to do as a family: Of all the things we do together, I’d say that reading together has always been the sweetest part of each day.

annika banko featured on tropical moms, a series on Maui motherhoodannika-banko-tropical-moms-4526

how did being a mom change you: I became a stronger woman when I became a mother. equipped with pure instinct and clarity to nurture, protect and guild my little man. Motherhood has also taught me to prioritize and focus my time and energy on whats most important to the both of us.

what is one thing you want to teach your children: To think and feel freely with confidence and compassion.

annika banko, Maui based artist painting with her sonannika banko, artist and mother

to see more of annika banko’s art, check out her website and facebook page.

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