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name: Melissa Sands
kids, age: Esme Noelani Sands, 22 months
where do you live on Maui: Spreckelsville, Paia
occupation: Owner of ON CORE Studio, Maui Blend and Hunakai B&B

esme wearing baby acacia swimwear during her tropical moms session on Maui
what are you passionate about: Reading books and looking up words (just finished Air Guitar and am now reading The Origins of Totalitarianism), eating, cooking and spending time with Esme. She is a hoot and fantastic teacher. Opportunities for women. Ideas, art, and friends/family with whom to share them! Solitary creative endeavors.

why did you choose to raise your children on Maui: In 2005, I moved to Maui from the San Francisco Bay Area. I looked around and noted, “oooooohhhhh, THIS is the land of beautiful mamas and babies”. I surfed a lot then at 39, I found myself staring at pregnant women and having fantasies about bringing home a baby from the beach. Really, the only option was to get pregnant as soon as possible. It is a good thing I am turning 43 this year, I would have had a lot of babies if I had started younger.

tropical moms, a series on Maui motherhood esme wearing acacia baby swimwear during tropical moms, a photography series on Maui motherhoodesme with sandy toes during her maui family photography sessionesme and melissa, featured on tropical moms, a photography series on Maui motherhood
what is the best part about being a momma: The best part is Esme; she is an amazing kid. I like getting to know her at each stage. She is a rocket. I like being an older mama. Breastfeeding. I love taking naps with Esme in my arms. I love and miss my mother more. I did not expect that other women would be so loving, even strangers, continue to share the most intimate stories about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

what’s your favorite thing to do as a family: Honestly, learning how to do things as a family has been a challenge. Both my husband and I work and we both need to be physically active or else we go nuts. This means that we have gotten very good at creating time for the other to do their thing: kite, surf, bike, cycle, yoga, barre class, Pilates, GYROTONIC®, swim, etc, by spending one on one time with Esme. Esme and I have been going to the Haleakala Waldorf School parent child program together; Rick just changed his schedule, so he can come with us. I am looking forward this time together.

how did being a mom change you: My risk taking gene went dormant; I have not wanted to do anything that would make it hard for me to care for Esme. No outer reef surf adventures…hardly any double over ankle ones either.

what is one thing you want to teach your children: This life on earth is a totally awe inspiring mystery worthy of unending exploration. Joyful wonderment. Reverse-engenering. Oh, that is three…

tropical moms, a photography series on Maui motherhood

maui family photographer captures melissa for tropical moms, a photography series on Maui motherhood

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