9 responses to “NYC Pride 2015 | moments

  1. Would you please share with me where you purchased your crystal necklace, i spotted it in your reflection photo…thank you kindly. i love your work have been following along for over a year now.

      • thank you so much for replying. i lived on maui for 12 years, birthed two babies there, but we’re now living in australia. your blog reminds me of home…so thank you. xx

        • you’re welcome! thanks for reminding me to look at their site, because I just fell in love with about 20 new things. I dream of Australia and hope to visit one day! let me know if you ever come back to Maui and we can do a family shoot. sending aloha your way!

  2. Thank you for capturing and sharing these precious moments of history, so beautifully! Love your work Cadence!!!

    • thank you so much Jinju! I’m looking forward to seeing you and Nova soon and finally meeting Sekai!

  3. OMG I wanna be in NYC in the middle of that crowd. I’ve marched in NYC for various causes, but I so wanna be there for this one. I love what all you wonderful people are doing

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