summer in brooklyn

cadence feeley in brooklyn, new york. photo by chelsea donho

it’s mid-way through my summer in brooklyn. I swapped out my peaceful jungle Maui life for constant honking outside my window — and I’m pretty stoked.

last year I came to New York City for a week after photographing at a flow arts festival outside of philly. little did I know, I would fall in love. on my flight home, I scribbled in my journal and started brainstorming some ideas: how to spend the summer in brooklyn, 10 months until I move across the united states, what needs to be done to move to new york, how to get a dog from hawaii to the mainland, and then peared out the window and started dreaming.

I truly believe that with determination, hard-work, creativity and planning, you can make your wildest desires come true.

things I’ve been loving about new york city:

1. photographing in new places. don’t get me wrong — shooting barefoot with my toes in the sand, witnessing perfect sunsets, and taking clients to waterfalls are just a few reasons why being a maui photographer is awesome. although I must say, I’m enjoying the mystery of walking around a corner and not knowing what’s next. shapes, shadows, double exposures, film and architecture. keepin’ it fresh by challenging myself with the unfamiliar.

coffee and polaroids Leaf Lieber in New York City photographed by cadencia photography.

2. hip hop dance classes. I’ve always dreamed of taking dance to the next level, but had some major limiting beliefs that stopped me for years. “24?! that’s way too old to begin taking hip hop classes.” well, peace out negative thought! being self-conscious blows and I don’t got time for that. even if there are more 12-year olds in class than adults some days, they freakin’ rule and I look at it as inspiration. the choreography is keeping my mind sharp and pushing my limits. dancing will always be there for me no matter what happens in life. it brings me happiness and community. check out #cadencedances on instagram for some snippets from class.

supras and leaves double exposure

3. art. in all it’s forms. a person busking on the sweltering subway platform, who brings tears to my eyes. the street art in bushwick, musicians, that DJ that made my night and played all my fav tracks, shows, museums. it’s everywhere, and everything is it. all of the artistic stimulation in new york is inspiring my photography, movement, and life.

MOMA from above lmnopi street art in bushwick, brooklyn.
4. change. I’m all about that switch-up. mixing things up is good for the soul! those challenging moments help us grow. getting to know a new place and its vibe is one of my favorite things in the world.

cadence feeley on the brooklyn bridge, new york city

I would love to hear from you! where are you dreaming of visiting? do you have a plan to make it happen? leave a comment below, and share if you’re feeling inspired to do so.



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  1. So beautiful Cadence! I’ve been dreaming of visiting New York, London, and Paris. Three big artistic hubs <3 my dream of NYC may be closer than I think. I loved this post so much. Your work is so beautiful!

      • kkkkkadance! What the hell you inspire me to the point of tears with your words and images!! Bringing me back to my home land and reminding me to continue to dream the ridiculous!! Trust,move and explore! I love you .. And hmmm where do I want to visit?
        Nearest future.. Joshua tree meditation..September Signed up and confirmed
        Nearer future europes calling Italy in the spring for a tattoo yoga work combo which launches my gypsie desires into the non stop travel mode with Mary poppins bag in hand .. New skin in many countries to drawn on collaborate with and learn from… Now I just need to figure out how to keep one Rachel with her businesses and the other on the road of foreign lands inspired so I can experience it all.. Why not right?? I’m going to go back to dreaming big thanks to you and if you can find me one coockoo stand in for my Hawaii :Alaska life let me know!!
        Love u big time can’t wait to shake it with you …8 weeks!

        • Rachel G! the fact that you just commented my blog makes me soooo happy! look at you miss computer lady! Joshua Tree after Symbiosis will be amazing, I want to go there as well! what kind of meditation retreat? and YES to Italy you must do that! can you head straight shot from Italy to Alaska? I think instead of keeping one Rachel at her biz and one being inspired by foreign lands, you could take your biz international and do tattoos abroad while you learn! and thank goodness for mini boss lady Megals holding it down on the yoga side. you have the support you need! lets do some major envisioning and tea time when we get back to Maui. see you soon! give Conquistadora a kiss!

  2. GIRL!!!! Can I be your friend!!! Seriously, this is awesome!!! Did you dance growing up? Aka, are you a dancer? Because dance is the best thing on EARTH!!! I love hearing your story of moving from one blessed place to the next. New York is pretty awesome!

    • hey Kimberly! hells yes you can be my friend! I’m super grateful that my Nana put me in tap, jazz, and ballet from age 4-12, but it became intense and I gave it up to play soccer. just starting again and remembering how to memorize choreography is exciting. I’m glad you share my passion for dance! xo

  3. I would love to come explore New York with someone who loves there, not as a tourist. Grand Canyon, Alaska, Africa, Greece, Italy, Ireland. Places I have to fly to but I hate flying! Gotta get over that fear! Great post!! :)

    • aloha Carrie! yes, I highly recommend checking out airBnB when traveling! when I came here for a week last summer, I stayed in a great 1-bedroom apartment in Prospect Park for $75/night and really got the local flavor. you are usually in a residential area, far away from any tourists. and the person that lives in the house often gives you tons of advice, maps, and answers questions. I’ve stayed at an airbnb in venice beach, bangkok, santa cruz, and more.

      $25 credit when signing up:

      YES, I would also like to go to Alaska and Africa! I feel you on the flying, it’s hard on the body but if you drink lost of water and pack a few necessities it can make the flight a lot more manageable. xo

  4. I love living vicariously through the lens of your camera when you’re in Maui and I love it just as much now that you’re spending the summer in Brooklyn. When I think of the type of life I’d like to live, you’re my inspiration!! There are so many places that I’m dreaming of, but I’d especially love to slow down and spend some time in Kyoto. I’d ride my bike along the river, stroll through gardens and temples, and observe the changing of the seasons. Looking forward to reading about/seeing more photos from your adventures! xoxo

    • wow, thank you so much Melissa! thanks to you, I just spent 5 minutes oohing and ahhing over photographs of Kyoto… those colors! I feel that you have a connection there of some kind! it sounds beautiful and I’m holding that vision for ya. xo

  5. For sometime now, I have been dreaming of going to this Ashram near Boone, North Carolina. I have been living on Maui the past ten+ years. Divinely orchestrated, I will be going there in a week and a half and, staying for two weeks!! I will be sitting in silence for 4 days and also checking out the Ashram community to see if I will go live there and be in service.
    Cadence, you will do fabulous in NYC/Brooklyn. Your photography always moves me and I love to watch you hooping. I am sure you will enjoy success however you choose it to be.
    All the Best,xo

    • Catherine you are the freakin’ sweetest! wishing you a beautiful journey to the Ashram. do you know Shellie White Light from North Carolina? she lives on Maui sometimes and is a beautiful hooper I sometimes hoop with at Baldwin. Shellie and a handful of other amazing people are from NC (lots live in Carrboro, NC) and they speak so highly of it. the scenery sounds soooo beautiful — it will be a great change from Maui. can’t wait to hear about your experience! xo

  6. I’m heading to skate love, staying on a boat off the boardwalk in Barcelona, kid free…WHAT?! Rollerskating for 3 days in SPAIN? YES! I can not believe it is happening and it’s giving me my me back. i am so giddy for making it happen, love this post! Next: planning our 3 week Maui return and family photos, know any photographers? :D i love following you this summer as I miss my ol neighborhood and it’s great to see it through your eyes, XOXO!

    • Lynn you are such a badass. you have lived in so many amazing places! I want to see some photos of that rollerskating — too good!

  7. Love this Cadence. Before I moved out to Colorado, I had the opportunity to live in and around New York City and Philadelphia. My favorite part was just wandering around aimlessly and finding new things- the city is so great for a never ending supply of uniqueness.

    My dream of where to live now includes: Maui- 2 months a year, Denver (most of the time), mountain oasis- (for any weekend or weekly getaways I need) and Switzerland. Right now I have Maui for a month and Denver. One place at a time!

    • we went to stand up comedy night and one man said, “when you first move to NYC and don’t have a car, you forget how much you take it for granted. you realize you need to get an ironing board home from the store, and you look like a wanna-be surfer trying to balance it on your head. you think you’re weird? yeah right!” he went on to talk about the crazy, wild, random things you see everywhere. no shortage of weirdos! and it’s the best! I love that you can create whoever you want to be and express yourself openly!

      I’m going to Philly for a couple of shoots next month and excited to check it out as well. so cool that you lived in both areas! you are seriously rockin’ it with your mountain/ocean lifestyle! and Switzerland next? I have no doubt you’ll do it! I’m looking forward to seeing you next time on Maui.

  8. Cadence, I love this post ! Way to reach out and express your experience with some immaculately composed rhetoric :) Keep it up, mama, your images and your words are a world unto themselves. Thank you for sharing <3

    • thanks Ana! appreciating that coming from a writer like you. you make two cameo’s above, and I’m really excited for our full Brooklyn adventure day post! xo

  9. Do it! I loved dancing at Alvin Ailey (at 27 and 28). Life in NYC and across the bridge was one of the highlights of my life. Being surrounded by art and creativity is so stimulation and refreshing…I am going to spend more time in SF for just that reason…

    • Melissa how did your trip go? I bet you guys had so much fun! looking forward to hearing about it and seeing little Esme when I get back. I remember you telling me you danced in NYC — I’m really feeling like it’s a special time here and loving it. do you have any photographs from back then? xo

  10. Cadence! I love your post! I am from the Bronx, but live in Northern NJ now. I constantly work freelance in Queens and Brooklyn. If you’re still around, I would love to meet up!
    -Feel Good Blogger, Mariah

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