los angeles. san francisco. lets do this.

cadence feeley of cadencia photography.
mainland journey has been so damn good… but beloved Maui calls me back in October.
some of you have already booked your shoots in SF, and I can’t wait to see you!
there have been some requests for LA shoots, and y’all know how I love to travel on a whim…
get in touch if you’d like me to head down the coast and have a session! >> cadenciaphotography@gmail.com

SF Bay Area // September 22-30
Los Angeles // if there’s enough interest, I’ll make the drive down the coast for 2-3 days

if you know of anyone who may be interested in a session, please pass this post along! thanks guys.


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  1. hi luv. would you be kind enough to share what lens you use for most of you shoots? thank you kindly.

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