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along with capturing unique and genuine family connection through photography, Tropical Moms interviews Maui moms, learning more out about their experiences, challenges, and passions. Tropical Moms showcases families throughout the island, and what an authentic, honest, and inspiring life they live.

maui family photographer photographs kelli love in iao valley.

  • Born and raised in the Bay Area
  • Musician, singer, songwriter is primary art.
  • KOKOPELE was born out of the family movement to Maui, as a way to bring the medicina of music and natural organic foods from the farm to the people.
  • Passion for music, arts, natural living and being in balance with the Great Mother PACHAMAMA.

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name:Kelli Love
kids, age: JuulKín, 2
where do you live on Maui: ​haiku
occupation: artist, musician, business owner

maui mom, portraits by hawaii photographer in iao valley for tropical moms. maui photographer goes to iao valley to photograph kelli love and her son. family at iao valley
why did you choose to raise your children on Maui: ​When I was a child I had an encounter with the whales one day in Maui that changed my life forever. As I swim underneath the waves I could hear them singing and I knew that I wanted to live in the islands for the rest of my life. Giving my son the gift of nature and this beautiful island will teach him integrity and connection with all living things. On a small island it is easy to see your connection and your place in the web of life as well as your own special purpose. I want him to grow up WILD.

what is the best part about being a momma: The best part of motherhood is getting to be the guide for this beautiful being who came to the Earth. I tell him that I don’t know much, but I will teach him everything I have learned and he can choose from there. The love is profound, and gives me so much life. I am learning so much about myself through raising him!

what’s your favorite thing to do as a family: We love to go to the river!

maui moms interview and photography by maui family photographer cadencia.

breastfeeding on maui breastfeeding on maui creative and lifestyle family portraits on Maui with photographer cadencia. maui moms interview and photography by maui family photographer cadencia. childrens photography on maui, taken in iao valley of kelli love by cadencia photography. beautiful family portraits in Iao Valley, Maui. maui family photographer
how did being a mom change you: Becoming a mom Has changed me and helped me shift my energy to positive things that make our life easier, because when you have a child you have a lot less free time and because of that want to use it more wisely.

what is one thing you want to teach your children: I want my children to know their compassionate responsibility to this planet and find their path, follow their hearts, live their truth, love themselves and stay WILD.

after exploring Iao Valley, we went to KOKOPELE to hang and explore. KOKOPELE, located on Market St and Vineyard is an organic farm to table Caribeean style food truck and live music venue, community oasis underneath the Banyan Tree. Open M-F 11-6 pm, serving up organic vegetarian food and organic jerk chicken and other Caribbean recipes.

kokopele, great food in wailuku, maui.beautiful family photography on Maui.maui childens photographer, chillin at kokopele in wailuku.maui childrens photographer kokopele, great food in wailuku, maui.maui moms - an interview by photographer cadence feeley

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  1. Kawehi Kuailani <3 such a beautiful mama! @kawe chee – she helped me so much through out my pregnancy & i love seeing her posts about what her and the babies are up to :)

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