women who ride | an interview with jasmine + danielle | female motorcyclists in los angeles

getting my motorcycle license was a highlight of 2017, and I’ve been excited to merge my love for photography and two wheels ever since… because I’m in LA for a bit, I wanted to connect with the community of female riders.

introducing jasmine rose and danielle rotella. we met at lucky wheels garage, a DIY motorcycle garage in downtown los angeles. I met the owner for a second, who is putting in a coffee shop adjacent to the garage (dreams do come true). then jasmine, danielle, and I went exploring.

how long have you been riding motorcycles?

danielle: 2.5 years. I took the riding course in May 2015 and bought my first bike in August 2015.

jasmine: I’ve been riding for 2 years.

what was your first bike? what do you ride now? 

danielle: My first bike was a 2009 Honda Rebel 250. Now, I have a 1988 Sportster 1200 and a 2016 Dyna Low Rider. My dad bought the Sportster brand new the same year I was born and passed it down to me. The Dyna I bought last year to take on long road trips.

jasmine: My first motorcycle was a 2016 Yamaha Bolt. She was a really fun first bike, but I traded her in this year for my current motorcycle: a 2017 Triumph Bonneville T120.

Danielle Rotella, a women's motorcyclist in los angeles. interview with women motorcycle riders in Los Angeles.

how would you describe the women’s motorcycle community in los angeles?

danielle: The women’s motorcycle community in LA is so inclusive! Everyone is so supportive of each other. I’ve met all of my best friends through motorcycling and couldn’t imagine life any other way. I love going to events and being able to approach anyone and not feeling a sense of cattiness or bad vibes. I feel like we’re all stoked when we find other girls that ride and it’s nice to embrace that.

jasmine: The community of female riders in LA is pretty large and quite diverse. Women of all ages and backgrounds ride motorcycles here in LA; some ride every day and everywhere like Danielle and I do , some ride only occasionally, some treat their bike as a fashion accessory, some race, some dirt bike, etc…. We have it all. Riding a motorcycle has expanded my circle of friends and acquaintances more than any other hobby has or possibly could. It can be rather difficult to meet new people  in Los Angeles, but having a common love in motorcycles has made it much easier to  make new friends.

interview with women motorcycle riders in Los Angeles. womens motorcycle riders in los angeles interview. Danielle Rotella, a women's motorcyclist in los angeles.
how has your life changed from motorcycles?

danielle: Everything has changed! When I first moved to LA 5 years ago, I felt like i didn’t really fit. I really struggled to find my place here and I learned to ride so that I could see the world. I never could have imagined all of the other things riding would bring. I feel like I’m part of a community now and I’ve never experienced that anywhere else.

I’ve also been able to do and see so many things that I don’t think I would have otherwise. This year I went on a 16 day trip on my bike. It was a huge endeavor for me and I was alone for 7 days/2000 miles. Riding has allowed me to set (and smash) new goals for myself everyday.

jasmine: In the time that I have been on two wheels, I completely changed my career and  met my best friends. My life currently revolves around  motorcycles- I work at a motorcycle dealership, the majority of my closest friends ride, and I no longer own a car. Long road trips through National Parks, motorcycle campouts, ride to Donut Friend with my best friends… these are the things that I live for.

jasmine rose womens motorcycle in LA wearing a biltwell helmet. jasmine rose, a women's motorcycle rider in los angeles. interview with women motorcycle riders in Los Angeles.

where is your dream motorcycle adventure?

danielle: Well, I did it this past summer. Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier National parks. It was 4500 miles in 16 days. There are too many others that I’m dreaming of to list but next year I’m aiming for The Swiss Alps.

jasmine: There are too many places to list! Riding through the Alps and Italy is on the agenda for 2018… and I would love to ride through the UK again. Riding from castle to pub to castle through Scotland and Ireland is definitely on my list.

Danielle Rotella, a women's motorcyclist in los angeles. jasmine rose womens motorcycle in LA wearing a biltwell helmet.
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