celebrate family and document love with maui family photosfamily photography at Kapalua Bay on Maui  
This was our first photo shoot with our family of four and I was most anxious about my 2 yr old who takes a bit to warm up to new people and settings.

Cadence was a breath of fresh air, so sweet and fun to work with. And my girls warmed up to her sunny personality instantly! Taking photos with little ones isn’t easy but Cadence has such talent and an incredible eye that she caught so many special moments before we even realized it. And the pictures blew us away! I am in love with them and smile ear-to-ear every time I glance through them. Everything was perfect from the lighting to the location to the natural smiles and laughs on all our faces.

I cannot recommend Cadence enough. We will book her for another photo shoot in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for capturing such sweet memories for us!
– Michelle

Cadence is the best photographer I have ever worked with (and I’ve worked with some of the worlds top photographers). I have had two occasions now to work with her and I never thought that a photoshoot could offer the opportunity
to be so deeply moved… but what Cadence does is beyond just an art, beyond capturing beauty, there is almost a psychic awareness, a empathy she sees the world with…she does not just see the best of you…she brings it out in you, and she leaves you better for it. ♥ 

– Rebekah Uccellini
Rebekah Uccellini photographed in Maui.

“I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind looking at Cadence’s work and thinking that she isn’t, in all honesty, the best of the best of her craft. She gets it. There’s more to just snapping a picture at the right angle with the right lighting (although also critically important!). She’s able to pick up the mood and the overall feel of the moments she’s capturing and with her magic touch can transform your memories into beautiful works of art. We were so, so lucky to have found her.

We found Cadence after we gave up looking for a photographer and moved on to finding venues to dine at after our Maui elopement (yee!) and Pinterest was our go-to for that. I clicked on an intriguing “food lead” based solely off the photos that were posted -I’m vegan, she did a post on “Maui Life and Raising a Vegan Family”. It took me straight to Cadence’s beautiful and quite extensive blog where I ate up… all. of. it. Just wow. After losing all hope with photographers, I had a fire lit under my butt to make sure that if NOTHING else, Cadence was our Maui wedding photographer. Food could wait. Dress could wait. Everything. I could have worn a paper bag and she would have made it absolutely enchanting.” – Shalie, read more of her review on yelp.

I proposed to my girlfriend during our vacation in Maui and definitely wanted to capture the moment. After searching through several dozen photographers in Maui, Cadencia Photography caught my attention – her style of photography was exactly what I was looking for. Not only is Cadence is exceptional photographer, she has the most kind and warm personality which made the whole photoshoot session a fun and relaxing experience. Even before the photoshoot, she helped me pick out a place to propose (it was my first time in Maui) and afterwards, gave us tips on places to check out on the island. The pictures turned out absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to capture the moment. Overall an outstanding experience and I definitely recommend her for any of your photography needs. – Jamie
surprise proposal photographed on Maui by cadencia photography

the hula hoop girl by the hoop photographer
Cadence is one of the most creatively talented photographers in the world. In a brief meeting moment she has the ability to make those she photographs feel at ease to express themselves artfully and authentically, while capturing the depth, the beauty, and the infinite light in each and every person she photographs! She has found her art, and one of her many soul-callings. She is a true artist with pure magic behind or in front of the camera!

– Caroline Sanchez 

Cadence is about as real as they come, and I enjoyed interacting with her over email, talking about what we wanted with our upcoming shoot, timing, and life in general. When I met her in person she was even more awesome: bubbly, fun, full of life, and had amazing creative ideas. I would highly recommend using Cadencia Photography if you’re ever in Maui.

– Amanda of Living In Another Language

I did a pregnancy shoot and a newborn shoot with Cadence. She was able to capture all of the emotions being felt in Both of these life changing events. Professional, calm, confident, and creative, cadence was an absolute joy and the pictures produced are proudly displayed throughout our home. The experience and the photos will be treasured by our family forever.”

-Asa Rhode

“Cadence is an alchemical photographer. Her pictures are a form a transformational therapy! They have shown me glimpses of my future self that make me giddy with excitement. ‘Am I really that person?’ I’ve asked myself with disbelief when looking at her pictures. Seriously! Her art helps me expand my own self-worth and live into all the possibilities of who I am becoming. It is for this reason that I’ve brought her as an event and boutique documentarian to all my retreats. She empowers women to really SEE their true beauty. Cadence’s approachability and natural playfulness makes it really easy to relax and have fun with the camera. She is also incredibly detail-oriented and a great coach, helping to make those little final adjustments in posture and lighting which really count. In a nutshell, working with Cadence is life-changing. Do it!”

Christabel Zamor

maui family portraits
“I happened to score one of the sweetest, most laid back, photographers I have met in a long time. Cadence totally rolled with the punches – she was fun, knowledgeable, and made the entire experience completely painless. The photos are amazing!!! What a gift to have such fantastic reminder of a family vacation. Best money I have ever spent on photos! Period.”

– Jenn Apps  

“We were beyond happy, we were ELATED with these photos. Cadence not only captured precious family moments but she was an absolute joy to work with! We had so much fun and she made us feel as though the camera wasn’t there. We LOVED the artistic and “in the moment” style Cadence had. We took our photos a few days before Mothers Day and she took some of my favorite photos of my babies and me (my first photos with my 5 month old) and of my sister and I with my mom! What an awesome treat that was! It took less time than she told us to receive our edited gallery and she went way above and beyond with how many shots we received! I have professional photos done of my children 4+ times a year and at least once a year family photos and these are some of my ABSOLUTE favorites of all time! Cadencia Photography was a true gem of a find and it was easy and organic from start to finish!

– Lindsay Faust

maui childrens photography in kapalua

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