trish bianco yoga { yoga portraits maui }

Meet Trish: yoga instructor, designer, and my best friend! We ventured to Kauai for the Mermaid Retreat, where I was the event photographer and she was teaching meditation.  It was our first time on the garden isle, and we fell in love with the land.  Trish and I cruised around the northshore, enjoyed a surf sesh at Hanalei Bay,  feasted on the veggie food at Kilauea Fish Market, and soaked in the gorgeous scenery.

Trish Bianco Yoga & Sassafras Maui to learn more about this beautiful goddess…

20th anniversary on Maui

Aaron and Nicole made their first trip to Maui to celebrate their 20th anniversary, and after talking with them over a few emails I knew we’d hit it off (Nicole is a photographer as well!).   You wouldn’t know it, but these two have 9 kids together!  Their adventurous personalities lead me to believe they’d like this secret waterfall on the north shore… Nicole and Aaron look good in the jungle!

“I am crazy proud of Aaron, but 9 specific times stand out. Everytime I watch him become a Daddy again. His love for our children make my heart soar with pride.” – Nicole

maui mama-to-be

I first met Shari at her studio Maui Mysore Style, where she teaches Ashtanga yoga.  I was so stoked to see Shari on the beach over a year later with a little one  growing within– a baby boy!  This yoga-mama decided to do the shoot at Baldwin Beach, only minutes from their yoga studio… rockin’ her man’s button-up and beaming with confidence, we had a blast celebrating this special new being. Congratulations Avi & Shari, so much love!

{ Emily & Bryan } flow & fire art

Meet Emily & Bryan of Merkabah Fire Productions. This husband and wife team is badass, and I had an incredible time photographing them as they showed off their multi-prop skills at the Haiku Mill. Little did I know– a few months after our shoot, I would be performing with Merkabah as a fire hooper and dancer!   Emily and Bryan are teaching at Tribal Fest near San Francisco in May 2013, and will be traveling the West Coast (for all of you belly dancers & flow artists out there). Look out for more photographs of the troupe soon.

“I just wanted to say thank you again. Your shots have made a huge impact on Us. We have had lots of shoots over the years and this one by far caught it. wow. Love and aloha to you and much respect to your craft. Mahalo again.”
-Bryan Axtell