22 Beautiful Babymoon Photos in Maui, Hawaii

Celebrating your growing family with a babymoon is a beautiful way to travel to Maui. Hawaii offers the perfect babymoon destination in a way to unwind, relax, and connect with your partner. The transformational experience of pregnancy encapsulates a range of emotions and feels that can be documented, printed, and passed on for generations.

What is a babymoon?

When I began my journey as a maternity photographer on Maui in 2011, I had no idea WTF a babymoon was! Sure enough, more and more mamas-to-be began to email me asking for a creative photo shoot to document their babymoon. So what the heck is it?

“Babymoon” definition according to google:
“a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.”

This fits perfectly for all the pregnant wahine (women) coming to the islands to be in the ocean and sun to celebrate their growing family.

babymoon photo in the sunflowers on maui, hawaii

What are some activities while on a babymoon trip in Hawaii?

As someone who has been alcohol-free for most of my adult life, I know what’s up when it comes to skipping the mai tai’s and other tropical alcoholic drinks pushed by the tourism industry, and instead dropping in to the ‘āina (land). You don’t need to be kickin’ it with a alcoholic bevi in hand to truly enjoy Hawaii. In fact, the beauty of the islands is full of mana (spiritual energy) — so grab a coconut a get hydrated af while soaking in that viatmin D! From dips in the ocean, a short hike in Iao Valley, feasting on fresh fruit from the locals farmer market, sunsets with views of mama and baby whales, there is much to soak up while on your babymoon.

DeShawn Shead and Jessica Martinez maternity photos on maui

Where is the best place for babymoon photos on Maui?

From the jungle to the beach, I’m happy to help recommend the best place to celebrate your pregnancy with a maternity photo shoot. My priority is respecting the Hawaiian culture, and many places are kapu (forbidden) — as they are used by Hawaiians for spiritual practice and subsistence gathering. As a photographer, I come with a full heart that honors Native Hawaiians, and will recommend places that are legal, pono (goodness/moral), and absolutely stunning for your babymoon photos. Let’s be real, in Hawaii there are numerous beautiful locations that are perfect for maternity photos!

rainbow at baldwin beach during maternity photos in hawaiimaternity photos at hamoa beach in hana, hawaii

What is a babymoon photography session?

Maternity photography is my jam. Whether it’s your first baby, or you have other keiki (children), the essence of pregnancy is documented in a way that honors this beautiful moment in life. They may start on land, and in the ocean. The focus is celebration! New life is an honor, and photography will take this multi-dimensional experience into art that you can hold in your hands and share with not only your friends and family, but with your children when they are older.

Head over to the experience page to learn about my different packages, and contact me to chat more about your dream session!

olinda forest photography in maui

Beautiful Babymoon Photos in Hawaii to Get Inspired

I have endless favs, but I’ve compiled my 22 favorite beautiful babymoon photos to inspire you on the magic of documenting life with a maternity session.

naked babymoon photo maui paia babymoon photo of family of 3
naked and artistic maternity photo with a couple on maui
sunset maternity photos in waileasame sex family photos in maui, hawaii

naked maternity photos mauibig island pahoa maternity photo of jinjuhamoa beach maternity photos baby beach in lahaina maternity photos naked black and white maternity photoshoot in maui, hawaii

Ready to celebrate your babymoon with a maternity photoshoot on Maui? Get in touch on my contact page!

Aloha and happy babymooning to you!

Mahalo nui,

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