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interview and photo session with Anne Van De Water on her work and vibration transformation.
the inspiration is coming on full force today! Anne Van De Water and I have done shoots in Bali, Kauai, and most recently in Santa Barbara, California where she lives. it was a joy to photograph on Anne’s home turf, and create images that reflect this moment in her journey. Anne has been teaching Yoga for 20 years and been in the healing arts for over 25 years. I asked her to share about Vibration Transformation, a foundational lifestyle program she created, rooted in radical self love and self care.

Anne -Van-de -Water

what is Vibration Transformation?

Vibration Transformation is a lifestyle program for big Hearted Teachers, Leaders and Visionaries like you who are on the planet to make a positive contribution. As a teacher and leader, are you crystal clear about what your greater purpose, mission, message and vision is? Do you feel like you are living your life in integrity with your life purpose?

Vibration Transformation’s mission is to help you raise your energetic vibration in all areas of your life to match the energy of your mission, message and vision so you can fully embody it and become it.
As a teacher and leader you might be putting most of your focus on your offerings to the world and the people that you serve.

interview and photo session with Anne Van De Water on her work and vibration transformation.

Traditionally, that is what you are taught to do.
Give. Give. Give.
The more your focus flows away from taking care of yourself through deep self love and self care, the more depleted you become and the less you have to healthfully give.
It’s called putting the cart before the horse.
The way you treat yourself is how the world treats you.
The way you see yourself is how the world sees you.
The way you look is your hook, and your vibe attracts your tribe.
We are vibrational beings, and we like being around good vibes.
When we are in the presence of anyone who is not a vibrational match for what they are saying and teaching, our B.S. detectors go off.
If we don’t like the way we feel and look, then we won’t have the mojo to healthfully manifest and sustain our mission.
We have to be the change we wish to see in the world if we want to make a sustainable transformation on the planet.
We have to be the living embodiment of our mission on every level, plane and dimension of our lives to truly make a difference.
Your mission has to permeate every fiber of your being.
The way you eat, move, breathe, meditate, rest, relax, sleep, relate to people/places/things all greatly impacts the way that you show up as a teacher and a leader.
Vibration Transformation helps you to radically transform your life and the way that you live so that your teaching and offerings to the world are flowing from a deep well-spring of sustainable energy.
Vibration Transformation helps you reprogram the way that you live your day to day life and raise your vibration so it matches your mission, message and vision.

cadencia photography photographs anne van de water.

what is one thing people can do today to make the life of their dreams?

Whenever and wherever you can, Clear the Fear.

Do everything you can to clear the dense energy of fear by being present with the fear you are feeling, accept the fear completely in the moment, ask the fear why it’s afraid and send compassion and love to the fear and yourself. Love and acceptance are high vibrational energies and have the ability to Clear the Fear. The word courage means to “have Heart” and the word compassionate means “to be with pain” so when you are truly accepting, compassionate and loving with yourself and the energy of fear, you transform, transmute and alchemetize the fear into courage.

The next step in making creating a life of your dreams is to courageously follow your Heart and boldly move in the direction of what you truly LOVE, what truly LIGHTS you up and what truly activates BLISS within you and on all levels, planes and dimensions of reality. As you start pursuing all of the little things that truly make you happy, over time, all of that goodness will snowball and one day you will truly say, “This is my dream life and I love it.”

anne van de water in santa barbara, CA.

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