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I have been wanting to photograph a birth for a few years now. being a maternity and family photographer, the actual birth is the magic moment in between. a tiny soul entering the earthly realm. I am fascinating by the mystery, the connection.

when Ellen asked me to document her third birth, I was so happy. I adore her ohana, and was truly honored to be invited to capture baby Scout’s first moments. I did both photos and video, you can watch the video below:

the birth

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fresh 48

sometimes called ‘fresh 48’ — the first couple days of baby’s life. this is a time of new beginnings. documented, with love. cuddles in bed and backyard play time.fresh 48 session in maui, hawaii child in yard backyard family photo after birth mom and baby after homebirth fresh 48 photography session newborn maui fresh 48 photography session on Maui maui birth and fresh 48 photograph in the home

mahalo to ellen and fam. visit ellen’s website here to learn more about her amazing vegan cookbooks.

aloha from cadencia photography
want you birth story documented? I’m available to photograph and film on Maui!

please reach out by contacting me.
can’t wait to meet you. xo

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