maui vow renewal at a beautiful waterfall | christina + ryan

vow renewals are special. whether it’s just two people in an intimate ceremony, or a larger group coming together to celebrate — it’s all about the love. christine and ryan wanted to get off the beaten path and do their vow renewal at a maui waterfall, so of course I contacted twin falls fruit stand to see if we could book in their ceremony.

christine had cute vow books made from wildfire flies, and the memory box from engrave my memory, both on etsy.

we hiked to the waterfalls, where they had a vow renewal filled with laughter and tears — and the prettiest light came through the trees and spray making magical sparkles.

their two kids were there holding it down, playing in the big banyen tree — and even got keepsakes from christina and ryan so they can also remember this day and the love their parents share.

I’m always thrilled when people aren’t afraid to get a little muddy, and truly take in the magic this island has to offer. twin falls is an excellent place where there are marked trails (no private trespassing) and so many beautiful planet and flowers, for those who’d like to do their vow renewal with a bit of adventure.

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“Cadence is amazing. Truly. She captured our vow renewal at Twin Falls and the pictures look magical. She manages to get the most beautiful photos that somehow seem organic and natural. She highlights the beauty of the island and the people she is photographing. She even managed to get amazing pictures of my wild and crazy kids (6 and 4). I would highly highly recommend her if you are going to be in Maui and want to capture the experience.” – Christina

aloha from cadencia photography
if you’re planning a vow renewal, I’m happy to help.
not only as your photographer, but also as a friend —
I’ll help guide you to the best places and vendors to make your experience the best it can be.
contact me for packages and more info.

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