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“Seeking to illuminate the connections. We are the revolution.” 

tarot reader on maui, tasha goldberg.
“I was gifted my first deck of Tarot cards when I first became a woman by my mother. Reading the cards has just been a part of what it means to be a woman to me. Over the years, I have studied the images and symbols in the cards, inspiring a deep knowledge of self as a foundation to pursue my happiness. Reading Tarot Cards is like standing over a tranquil pond of water, tracing the reflections. The images from the Motherpeace deck articulate the rhythms, patterns, and poetic elements that reside in us all by drawing on universal truths, as seen through a kaleidoscope of art and culture. Within the palette of earth, air, fire and water, the cards offer perspective to embody different ways of knowing. The outcome is a clear view of challenges that exist as well as the available energies and tools to support transformation. It has been an honor and adventure to share readings for children, elders, celebrities, friends, family and strangers around the world.”

sweet grass on Mauitarot reader on maui, tasha goldberg.maui tarot and lei maker, tashatarot reader on maui, tasha goldberg tarot reader on maui, tasha goldbergvinyl record player Tasha Goldberg
“I have always been fascinated by culture, art and healing with medicinal plants. Over the last couple of decades, I have worked with international businesses in the natural ingredient industry to develop and promote sustainable programs. Through these experiences and reporting for the United Nations on sustainable development, I have developed a sophisticated manner of communication applicable to all that I do. In order to be able to provide solutions, personal or professional, it is crucial to understand the needs, resources and incentives available. This work has taken me around the world. Each and every experience I have had has broadened my sensual awareness of the world within and around me.”

maui tarot reader makes flower essences on maui. dj vinyl record player on maui record vinyl DJ maui tasha Tasha Goldberg

“On Maui, I have added to my studies in Herbalism with Hawaiian cultural practices of herbalism, La’au lapa’au, and hula. I have explored aromatherapy and energy healing, becoming attuned as a Reiki practitioner. One of my favorite discoveries is flower essences, the vibrational imprint of the spirit of a plant. The subtle power in essences is similar to music. As a lover of music and vinyl collector, the relationship of vibrations to how you feel makes a lot of sense to me.

Imagine walking into a room where Bach is playing versus Dilla versus Led Zepplin. Each type of sound can carve space for a different feeling, or different vibration. With this understanding, essences become a great support system to hold space for the reflections gathered in the Tarot reading.

I believe that empowered knowledge of self is a pathway for healing. When we realize how to care for ourselves, we become more available to care for the world around us.”

tarot reader on maui, tasha goldbergTasha Goldberg tasha goldberg


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