You want to document the genuine, expressive moments you spend with your family exploring the natural beauty of Maui, Hawaii.

children photography maui

And you are not looking for staged photos. You want to remember the moments as they happened, experiencing pure joy and love, through your rolls on the beach and walks through the woods.

Your family’s life evolves year after year. From the clothes you wear, to the emotions you feel on a given day… nothing stays the same. It’s because of this constantly fluctuating cycle of life that you want to remember each and every moment you can.

Life is mysterious and wild, and that’s how you want to remember it.

I completely agree, and I want to help you capture your family’s unique life.

maui portrait photographer cadence, photographs a family at Kapalua Bay

My name is Cadence, and I want to spend the day with you, finding your family’s natural rhythms, patterns, embraces, giggles, loving watchful stares, and the beautiful every day ways you show one another love, and photographing them so you can hold onto those moments.

It’s my goal to illustrate the way you feel towards your family, the micro-moments that encapsulate your family’s love, for you, through my photography.

Family photography is my primary focus as a photographer. As an empath and careful observer, I love the opportunity to create a single moment out of moving moments and to find what makes your family unique.

If you’d like to learn moreĀ about your maui family photography session, lets chat!

a family portrait in wailea, maui taken by cadencia photography

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